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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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beautiful night for the fire works in san francisco. tuesday, december 31st i'm pam cook. >> good morning, everybody i'm brian flores. dave clark has the day off. steve paulson is here. thank you. fog this morning. san jose is reporting some. once that clears and very hazy skies some higher clouds to the north bay. it looks quiet. a dry forecast far long, long time. by the coast or around the bay there could be patchy fog. temperatures inland will be a little cooler than this. air patterns a little bit more on shore. 30s for many or some 40s. i think the cloud cover holding up a few of those north bay temps. some of that fog hugging the coast or close to it. patchy fog and very hazy skies. air quality is not that good.
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few high clouds in the morning. quiet, quiet conditions. highs today 50s now. you turn some of that fog or mainly low 60s. here is tara. we do have muni delays we want to get across to our viewers. some of the lains are impacted. 48, 54, 71 and 14. that is a loot of information we have delays through the bay shore right now we will take a a live look outside to the bay bridge toll plaza. and in lafayette highway 24 we will skip that. we will go to the maps so we can show you we do have an accident. this was at 130 and quimby. this is a car fire. they are working to move this over to the shoulder. last but not least we have 24. you can see traffic well this is not 24.
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this is the east shore freeway. you can see on the left hand side of your screen there, that is westbound traffic as you make your way toward the bay bridge. this is actually 680. 680 walnut creek. traffic on the right hand side there southbound. 6:01 let's head back to the desk. san francisco police are investigating why a man led officers on a chase across the city last night. the path of destruction includes multiple crashes. officer and suspect injuries, and a shot fired by police. ktvu katie utehs is live near golden gate park where the chase ended to explain why it started. katie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. the chase started in the bay view after police pulled a man over thinking he may have had a gun or a contraband. and then he fled from there and i will show you where the chase ended. right against that barricade. which is actually in front of the park police station near golden gate park. you can still see there is glass and debris scattered across the ground here.
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here's what the driver car looked like in this video. its the black dodge. the other red car you are seeing is a police patrol car. officers say the chase started around 8:50 last night following the traffic stop. a map shows you the path of destruction. fleeing the bay view the driver turned on to interstate 280 while traveling north on 19th avenue the driver tried to evade police and may have struck an officer. >> i can't tell you how he was injured but he was injured by a vehicle. >> reporter: the officer has already been treated and released from the hospital. the man who slammed into the barricade is still being treated at sf general. he did try to run away following the crash. at some point during the pursuit an officer fired at the driver but hit the vehicle. you can imagine the speed it took to cause that much damage.
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we're going to check back in with police. they told me earlier this morning that the driver's identities would be released once he was released from the hospital and booked into the jail. so we are going to call police and double check on that for you seen see if there is any updates. five, four, three, two, one. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> australia already rang in the new year. just within the last hour. they always do it up big there in sydney. more than 1.6 million people lined the harbor there to watch the fire works show over the opera house there. new zealand the first country in the world to welcome in 2014 at about 3:00 this morning our time. countless new years eve celebrations will be going on in the bay area tonight and party preparations are starting early. janine de la vega is joining us now from the middle of a bunch
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of balloons. looks very festive out there. >> reporter: it is. it just makes me smile. you can see there is all of these different balloon arrangements. each of these i'm told cost about $45. so you can imagine they are making a lot of money here. its one of their busiest times of the year. new years eve in here's some balloon drops you are looking at that will get delivered later on in the day. delivery trucks just left. they are going to various hotels and restaurants. they still have 4,000 balloons to blow up. the balloons with heliums last 8-12 hours. but they have a secret remedy to make them last longer. tell me, what is going on here. >> this is the first job of the day. of many 4,000 balloons.
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we will keep going today until 5:00. >> and that little jell there helps them last. >> that is a lifesaver. because that balloon will last through midnight. way, way past midnight. and people are way drunk and they are under the table they can still enjoy their balloons. >> and you said even though this is a lot of work, you still love doing this. >> this is the best day of the year. i love doing this. its so much stress but so much fun. and after when i go home and i can relax with my boys. >> reporter: 3,000. that is 30,000 balloons. you started preparing how far? >> we started preparing in september. getting our jobs. beginning of december we ordered the baa loops. prepping the balloons.
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right after christmas we came here and blew up the balloons. >> thank you so much for talking to us. happy new years to you too. again, they will continue working all day. oh that is a sound that we've been hearing a lot of this morning. of balloons popping. you know coming up in the next half hour, we will talk to her about you know how you know how much business this really does generate. she was talking about how busy it was when it was the millennium. and how it compares business wise. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> we heard a couple of balloon casualties there. final preparations are under way for the big new years eve fire works show along san francisco's water works show. thousands of people are expected to watch. >> you think it would be the best show ever. and up close and personal
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raining down on you but you don't get the perspective of being underneath it at all. >> preparations are under way for a masquerade ball with the san francisco symphony. 200 people will sit down to a three course dinner followed by performances and dancing. here's a look at transportation options on new years eve. muni will be free from 8:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. cal train's final southbound train will depart to fourth and king station at san francisco at 2:15 a.m.. bart will run until 3:00 a.m. but you still have to pay the normal fare. the chp announced they are putting all available officers on the road. new years eve is one of the deadliest nights of the year. the best advice is to designate a sober driver. a dui can cost as much as $10,000. police will also be out in full force looking for people
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shooting their guns into the air on new years eve. officers in richmond and in oakland plan to use shot spotter technology to detect when shots are fired within city limits. police will also patrol areas that have the most problems last year and officers warn this celebratory gunfire can have tragic results. oakland police will also be cracking down on illegal fire works. its amazing how specialized the fire works are. anyone who is 16 or older and caught with fire works could be cited and face fines up to $1,000. illegal fire works can be turned in at six oakland fire stations. time 16:09. protestors with occupy oakland are doing an unpermitted demonstration tonight.
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the police department is aware of the march. tomorrow family and friends of oscar grant will gather to mark the fifth anniversary of his death. on january 1st, 2009 he was shot and killed by johannes mehserle. one hour before doctors were legally allowed to remove jahi from life support, a
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superior court judge handed down his ruling. the family calls it a victory. the hospital spokesman says its just prolonging a tragedy. >> we are not sure it was the right judgment call but that was the judgment call from the judge and we will come ply with it. >> how can you say my child is dead when she responds to my voice. today was the most stressful day i had in my life. >> after yesterday's court ruling jahi's uncle tells us the family has video of jahi reacting to her mother. the family will not release it unless it is necessary. the family also says medical facilities in new york, arizona, and san bernardino are offering to take the 13-year- old in. the hospital says they have not received any communications willing to take jahi. on our website at you will find continuing coverage of the jahi mcmath case including a link to the
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family's donation site. time now is 6:11. california is close to running out money for mapping the states earthquake faults. that could leave many cities without information about whether new construction is going up on a fault line. the state still has 300 fault maps to complete including parts of los angeles, san diego, and the san gabriel valley. we have new information about a crash involving a san francisco fire engine. why this is not the first time that friar struck has been involved in a crash at the exact same location. plus why the consultant hired to find oakland's next police chief has quit. highway 24 through lafayette is looking good at this hour but we do have a lot of delays on muni and in san francisco. we will tell you what has impacted them. patchy fog has returned. san jose a quarter of a mile.
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we'll see how that plays into your forecast tonight.
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welcome back. there is new information about the san francisco fire truck that collided with a station wagon sunday morning. the san francisco chronicle reports the same fire engine was involved in a crash in june add the same location on fifth and howard streets. investigators say sunday's crash happened when the driver
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of the station wagon failed to yield to the fire engine's lights and sirens. one firefighter was treated for cuts to his head. now in the crash last june the driver of a fire engine allegedly ran a red light and hit a motorcyclist who suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung. firefighter michael quinn piloting the truck later tested well above the blood alcohol limit. several new laws that take effect tomorrow will make life easier for undocumented immigrants in california. police will be barred from turning undocumented immigrants over to federal authorities expect under specific circumstances. also supervisors will be banned from threatening to report an undocumented employee. a new law that allows undocumented immigrants to apply for and receive driver's licenses does not take effect until 2015. 11 new laws impacting gun owners will go into effect here
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in california. one requires people to keep their guns locked if they live with someone with a mental health or criminal record. another puts tougher penalties on parents who don't properly store their weapons. california will also start putting together a data base of rifle and shotgun purchases. 49er fans are gearing up for the wild card playoff game against the green bay packers. and some are planning to fly out to wisconsin but tickets won't come cheap. some are going for $140 or more on stub hub and the nfl ticket exchange. flights to green bay are running over $800. but there are ways to cut costs. >> you want to stay in either chicago and do the long drive or stay in milwaukee which is 100 miles out. 120-miles out. and go in on game day. >> 49ers fans who don't make the trip to wisconsin will be packing into bars around san francisco on sunday. kezar is one of the pubs
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getting ready for the big crowd. fox coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. and kickoff at 1:40. we're also airing our own special road trip to a championship. we will take a look back at the 49ers regular season and preview its matchup with the packers. you can catch it friday after the cotton bowl and on saturday morning. 6:17 is the time right now. back over to tara who is in for sal. there are muni delays to talk about. >> yeah. we put in a call to figure out why. all we know at this point there are a dozen lines impacted and passengers can expect it will take longer to catch the bus. we have put in word to muni so we will let you know what we find out. up next we have look at our map. this is an area where that car fire is. this is quimby road and route 140. this started off as a car fire and then according to the chp it grew to a third of a mile in
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size. so it rapidly spread. cal fire is on scene. you know luckily you can see this is out on a country road that not a lot of people use. it is a small road its definitely impacting traffic in that area. let's take a look at 101. this is san jose. traffic on the right hand side of your screen hard to make out but the taillights are heading northbound. a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum shows traffic flowing nicely in both directions. 6:-- 6:19 let's head over to steve. i think you know its official. nine inches this year total. there are no signs no hint of any rain. some fog has come creeping back. there could be patchy fog but we are all right. 54 at 8:00. 52 at 10:00 and 50 at midnight. a lot of high clouds. it will be a very hazy day.
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the high clouds will thin out and fog will burn off. air quality not the best. we have what is called an inversion. everything is trapped. under normal conditions cold air would continue. 30s and 40s on the temps. held up a little bit by some of that cloud cover but its still cold. 30s are cold for us. although the low on international falls is 45 below. [ laughter ] a little chilly there to go out tonight. 20s and 30s and 40s for many. so everyone is pretty close. and there is -- especially for parts of new england. a lot of these fast moving systems we call them little clippers moving through. and reenforcing that very, very cold air. things could really develop on the northeast by friday night into saturday.
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for us there is a lot of talk about hazy skies. some high clouds very quiet conditions. there is just nothing going on. i mean its just awful. 50s and 60s here. temperatures held down a little bit today. just by the mere fact we have a little bit more fog. we have a slightly more westerly component to the breeze. especially closer to the coast upper 50s there. low 60s for many. warmer thursday into friday. >> thank you, steve. a few minutes ago a new report shows home prices continue to inch upward. home sales in the 20 largest markets in the country. for october prices were up two tenths of a percent. that means prices increased more than 313.5%.
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san jose is within 578% of its all time high. champagne may be the most popular drink around midnight tonight but annual sales fell. the name applies only to the sparkling wine produced in the champagne region of france. their sales are actually growing. but its called sparkling wine. >> not bubbly. time 6:22. winter olympic security concerns. we'll have more on the security measures some olympic teams are implementing. beyonce accused of disrespecting the victims of the space shuttle challenger disaster.
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welcome back to the morning news. 6:25 is the time. beyonce under fire for using an audio clip for the 1986 challenger shuttle disaster on her new album. the track called xo. opens with six seconds of audio that was broadcast following the shuttles explosion. allusive crew members were -- all seven crew members were killed and a former astronaut says he can feel how the other
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families were upset. >> most of the people who really have a sensitivity to the whole challenger accident probably aren't listening to beyonce. and the ones that are, probably don't remember the challenger. >> beyonce has issued an apology and says the song was intended to help heal those who have lost loved ones. time is 6:25. people who live in lake tahoe are starting to become very concerned about the lack of rain and snow so far this winter. some locals that have lived in the tahoe truckee area say it has been years since they were truly worried about water and not having enough to get by. many people say they have noticed low water levels. >> it will start to get pretty ugly. >> businesses are also concerned since ski resorts
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need snow to bring people up to the mountains this winter. people are just crossing their fingers for more rain and snow in the next two months. the 74 people on board that russian research ship that stranded near antarctica are still waiting to be rescued. three ice breakers have tried and failed to make it through to the ship so international rescue team says the best hope now is a helicopter. but the scientists and tourists found out they still have to wait until the weather is better. >> we just learned that they can't reach us. sew they are preparing the helipad by stomping down on this ice. >> that could happen later today. experts say its hard to predict weather in the an arctic region. 6:27 is the time. crews on the scene of a three story building fire in san
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francisco. ktvu katie utehs has just arrived on the scene. she will have more coming up in a live report. also the 125th annual rose parade will make history with what happens on one of its floats tomorrow. tournament of roses arguers say that is supposed to look like a wedding cake and the special event really shows that dreams come true.
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welcome back. there is the opening bell. live in new york this morning. the last day of the year. the time square alliance. i think they have a lot to do with the planning of the celebrations there in the time square in new york. so they are already throwing out the confetti. this is interesting over on the new york stock exchange phillips based in the
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netherlands they have been showing off the new bulk. new years eve ball is it will by phillips and for the first time in history 207 colored phillips bulbs will illuminate the one and the four as the bulb drops. that will be cool. >> that be cool. thank you for joining us i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. steve paulson as our new years eve forecast. >> i do indeed. patchy fog has returned. over all i think we are good to go here. we don't have to worry about any rain. maybe just a little chilly. we will go 50s midnight in the city. but a lot of 40s. higher clouds are moving out fast. we see very hazy skies. 30s and 40s on the temps. and in fact, if anything these temps are just held up a few degrees by the cloud cover.
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that has come back to the coast. so over all combination of low clouds and high clouds and very hazy skies. so filtered sunshine today. that is air quality very bad. slight on shore component. which has brought in some of that fog. temperatures now 50s and 60s. in castro valley we have a three-car crash. this is at castro valley boulevard. it is listed as an injury. taking a look at our maps you can see here on highway 130 and joseph grant county park, we had two cars set on fire. this was not a traffic collision but rather cars were vandalized according to the chp website. so this is arson and the fire spread quickly. flames caught some of the nearby brush and cal fire is on scene fighting this as a large
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grass fire and they have closed all of those nearby county roads. so we will keep you posted. up next we have a look at the span of the new bay bridge. you can see traffic is flowing nicely a woman saying call 911. call 911. i will show you the destruction of the apartment. you can see its a second story unit of an apartment complex. we are here at fulton near lagoon that. i am told the fire started just a little bit before 6:00. it appears this apartment is completely destroyed. neighbors have evacuated. we are told at least one person was transported to the
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hospital. we are still working to determine what type of injuries that person faces. this is still a very active scene this morning. but it was a one alarm fire. they got it out fairly quickly. and they do not know the cause of the fire yet at this point. you are looking at some video of crews trying to put out the fire. lots of neighbors standing around. so it is a very populated area. an apartment complex. so one person transported. we will come back out here live. you can see firefighters tossing items from the second story. still working to clean up this apartment. we will check back in with firefighters and find out if they are any closer to determining the cause and find out if we can get an update on the condition transported to the hospital. live in san francisco i'm katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. happening now some people are already hard at work this morning to get everything ready for new years eve parties tonight. janine de la vega is joining us now from a business in
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campbell. might not have thought about this balloons. big business. >> yeah. and they are appropriately named balloon addicts. its here in campbell. they are blowing up balloons for all the bashes happening tonight in the south bay. they still have 4,000 balloons they need to blow up. its easily one of their busiest days of the year. they are handling normally on a tuesday they -- business has shot up. about 95%. they are handling about 50 parties in the south bay and they are doing deliveries all morning and throughout the day. you know, how is business here for you? we are joined by jana. one of the owners. how does it compare to other years past? >> its a great day to be a balloon company today. its a great year. its mucher than it was last year. millennium was great. we had almost 100 jobs that day.
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but we have close to 50 year. its great. >> reporter: you said that you might actually have to turn people down. were people calling yesterday? >> we had last night. we had to turn some clubs down because we could not handle anymore balloon drops. >> reporter: and you think people will still be calling today? >> they will walk in today. they will have people calling and walking and still need balloons. its the last minute sales tickets. its the last minute people they are getting. >> reporter: thank you so much. again lots of parties happening. they did the delivery at the fairmont. they are setting up for two parties there. one of the parties cost about $200 for champagne. different parties in palo alto, mountain view, campbell. a very busy morning here. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. the shah bow space and science center holding their own new years eve celebration complete with balloons. these are especially for little
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guys that can't stay awake until midnight. that includes you and i. it is holding three balloon drops to mark midnight in various parts of the world. first at 11:00 a.m. when its midnight in pakistan. we have a list of new years eve events around the bay area and our home page. you can find it all under the hot topic section of our website at time is 6:37. a consultant hired to find a new police chief for the city of oakland has backed out of a job. the san francisco chronicle reports bob murray resigned after city officials had informal conversations with potential candidates. a spokesperson for mayor jean quan confirms staffers in her office spoke to possible applicants. but the conversations were not substantial and happened before the application process closed on december 6th. police in southern california are searching for answers after a man, woman, and
6:38 am
two children were found dead inside a home. it happened in the city of fontana last night. police say the bodies were discovered by a 16-year-old family member. neighbors say there was some kind of argument at the home earlier in the day. some countries are increasing security for their olympic athletes following the two bombing attacks in russia. suicide bombers attacked a train station and a bus in volgograd. the australian olympic committee says its athletes will only travel by air to get to sochi. they will not be allowed to travel anywhere in russia by car, bus, or train and will not be allowed to go anywhere outside of sochi. here in the bay area the mother of 25-year-old olympic hopeful casey says although the bombings make her nervous, she does believe the winter olympics will be safe. her daughter was there a year ago for a world cup skiing
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competition. >> she says it was really tight up there and getting off the chair lift at the top of the mountain there were armed guards everywhere. >> when casey made the u.s. ski team in 2011, her mom started learning russian and making plans to watch her daughter in the 2014 winter olympics. today marks the first new years eve since the first boston marathon bombings. among the ice sculptures created is one paying tribute to the victims. the city says it will very m more officers on hand this year. >> we will have plenty of bomb assets. if we need anything like that. but we are confident in our security plan. >> the april 15th attack killed three people and injured more than 260 others. one of those injured was 12- year-old aaron hern of martinez. the 125th annual rose
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parade begins soon. that americans volunteers decorating the floats are in a real race against the clock. the floats must be completely covered in natural substances. decorators do not have to worry about seeds and bark wilting. so they have been putting that on for awhile. now they have to hurry to put the fresh flowers and very fragile flower pedals on the floats before they line up for their road down colorado boulevard. one of the floats will serve as a wedding chapel during the parade. danny and aubrey have been a couple for 12 years and they will be married tomorrow on the float that looks like a giant wedding cake. it is sponsored by the aids health care foundation. >> we are focused in love. we are standing in love. that is why we are on top of this giant cake. >> there have been other weddings on floats in past years but this is the first time a gay couple celebrates wedding vows as part of the parade. parade organizers say it goes along with this years parade theme. dreams come true.
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time is 6:40. coming up trouble for customers of a san francisco sandwich shop. the personal information that could be at risk after hackers break into the system. police around the bay area trying to make sure everyone is celebrating the new year safely. the technology being used to curb the use of illegal fire works. a look at the traffic on 101 through san francisco. not too bad at this hour. we do have an accident over in contra costa county to tell you about next. the hazy skies continue. no change there. a little bit of fog has come back. we'll see if that plays into your new years eve festivities and see if we can find any change going into the next couple of days.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:44 is the time. a little peek at the famous new years eve ball. it is already in place above times square. it will come down at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2014. its a 106 year tradition. this years version has more than 2500 waterford crystal triangles and weighs nearly 1200 pounds. about one million people will celebrate new years eve in new york. police are on a mission trying to curb the use of illegal fire works and
6:45 am
celebratory gunfire. alex savidge is in oakland this morning with more on the effort to prevent a very dangerous tradition. >> reporter: well, good morning. yes. oakland police are trying to take illegal fire works off the streets leading up to new years eve. they are urging people to drop off those fire works at six oakland fire stations across the city. including this one here downtown where we are this morning. let me show you what police are trying to prevent. these makeshift fire work shows that light up the night sky over oakland. police are warning anyone caught setting off illegal fire works later tonight can face a fine of mar $1,000 and parents can be held responsible if their kids are caught with fire works. and they will be cracking down on celebratory gunfire. the department will use shot spotter technology to track down people who fire their guns up in the air. they will also be doing the same thing in richmond as well. tonight police will be using shot spotter technology on new years eve. officers will be keying in on
6:46 am
some specific specific neighborhoods where people are known to fire guns in a sell ball tour way. they will also be going after folks in those neighborhoods. because they say celebratory gunfire has left a lot of people injured and killed over the years. and the message from police is any bullets fired up in the air obviously have to land somewhere. so they are cracking down on celebratory gunfire and use of illegal fire works. the san francisco superior court judge heard from lawyers representing the accrediting commission yesterday. they want laws filed by the city and two teachers unions. but the accrediting excision says city college has financial
6:47 am
and administrative problems that render it unfit to fulfill its educational duties. it is set to lose its accreditation on july 31st. credit and debt cards used at the sandwich shop witchcraft were the target of hackers. the restaurant is located on mission near fifth street. it effects customers who visited the shop between august 11th and october 2nd. the company says customers names, card numbers, security codes, and expiration dates may have within compromise -- may have been compromised. >> target now has another problem. this time about 40,000 gift cards across the country were not properly activated at checkout. a target spokesman says they are aware of this latest problem and shoppers are being told to talk to a customer service representative with
6:48 am
their concerns. san francisco tamale lady is getting a fresh start in the new year with her own restaurant. she has been unable to sell her popular late night snack since the summer of san francisco banned her. she has found a location for her own restaurant. king tides are appearing along coastal areas along the bay area but so far they are not causing much flooding. flooding did force cal tran to shut down some streets. one of the biggest and most controversial is outlawing feeding feral cats on public property. another would require any animal that has been impounded twice to be spayed or neutered
6:49 am
before being released to its owner. the city also wants to set requirements for keeping any animal that has been required vicious. they already have preliminary approval and a final vote is set for early next month. 6:48 is the time. now back to tara on the muni update. >> yeah. we just got in touch with their spokesperson. they say a dozen lines are missing runs. muni is adjusting service on those lines to try to balance everything out. in martinez this is a look at our maps. 680 southbound at marina vista road there is a crash in the slow lane. it is causing a slow down there. sew the chp is working to clear the scene. up next we have a look at the mccarthur maze. traffic on the far right hand side of your screen heading into san francisco using the bay bridge there. where we have been experiencing
6:50 am
no delays. and finally 880 near the coliseum you can see in oakland traffic is looking good and coming up in a couple minutes we'll have an update on that fire for you. here's steve. thank you. its a official. driest calendar year ever. we are not going to get any rain this year. total of 5.59 inches of rain this year. we do have pretty good forecast for tonight. patchy fog. some of that has come back. a little bit of fog. there is some coastal fog. although brandon said no fog here yet. there is a little bit of fog around. there has been some around the bay as well. we will go 50 at midnight. other locations will definitely be in the 40s. a lot of high and mid level clouds will thin out here. air quality not the best. what is new? we've been dealing with that all month long. its called an inversion. the cold air would continue to
6:51 am
decrease and then you get a layer of warmer air and it traps everything underneath. 30s and 40s on the temps. 39 pacifica. see a lot of these higher clouds that is all they are doing. 29 up in reno. 30 in tahoe. 40s, 50s for some. a lot of 30s to the north including monterey. tropical moisture down into texas. the deep south. and a series of fast moving cold systems continue to move in right over the ridge of the west coast. northern plains, great lakes and over the north east. boston is talking about a big significant system. kind of like a recipe. it all comes together. for us its coming together in a form of high clouds. higher clouds very quiet condition. very quiet. not much going on.
6:52 am
50s and 60s because we get that fog back it will be a few locations back in the upper 50s or very low 60s. 68 gilroy will be the warmest here. san jose at 64. santa clara 65. a few upper 50s on the coast with the fog and just a little puff of a westerly breeze. not much change here. one day we cool down, the next day we warm it up. lights out for some of the most popular lightbulbs in the country. also a mystery just south of the bay area. the buzz over who or what created this elaborate crop circle.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we wanted to take you to south korea right now where they are ringing in the new year there. happy new year to julie lee and her family. we have friends that -- they lived her for a little while. they are back there in seoul. happy new year. we want to dip in through the the morning we will dip into various celebrations around the world. hewlett pack hard cutting more jobs. they warned investors they could cut at 5,000.
6:56 am
it was not specific which jobs would be cut or where the jobs are located. a small recall could have a big impact on ford's lincoln division. more than 7100 of its hybrid mkz sedans are being recalled. a sensor may allow the transmission to shift out of park before the brake pedal is pushed. the problem can be fixed with a software upgrade at the dealership. beginning tomorrow bart and muni riders will see an increase in ticket prices. on average bart passengers will pay an extra 19 cents per ride. fares will be going up in 2016, 2018, and 2020. its will generate $125 million to be spent on upgrading the system. muni prices will increase to $15 for a one-day pass. $23 for three days. and $29 for seven days. hundreds of new rules and
6:57 am
regulations will go into effect throughout the new year. starting january 1st it will be illegal to manufacture or import 60 and 40-watt lightbulbs. stores will sale existing supplies. its part of a transition to led bulbs which are more emergency efficient. its a mysterious sight that some say is out of this world. an elaborate new crop circle has appeared. this youtube video shows odd bursts of light near the crop circle. its proof that the parkings in this field were created by another life form. >> i'm skeptic. but this could be aliens. i'm always willing to believe something. you can't deny proof. but right now it looks like aliens to me. >> this is what we know so far. nobody has come forward to take credit for the crop creation.
6:58 am
hmm. coming up next on mornings on 2. we continue to follow that breaking news out of san francisco. fire crews still on the scene of a house fire sent one person to the hospital. these are live pictures of the area. and from san francisco to san jose where preparations are under way at this hour for tonight's new years eve celebrations. the law enforcement campaign also happening to keep you safe tonight. before you settle for another ordinary mattress,
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a san francisco family is without a home this new year's eve. i will tell you what police think sparked the fire and also an update on a person's condition. fire crews battling a major grass fire sparked by a car fire near san jose. the area affected and why officials say arson may be to blame. searching for answers after a high-speed chase through san francisco leaves a police officer injured. why another officer was forced to open fire. new year's eve preparations are starting early. we're surrounded bite balloons live in the south bay -- by balloons live in the south bay. we'll tell you where all of the balloons are going. "mornings on 2" starts now.


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